Who is Transdutor?


Transdutor is vocal-live of underground electronic music

Hi, boys & girls! My name is Andre Martines as known as Transdutor. I´m vocalist-producer or vocal-live where i handle my digital sound setup and sing my lyrics on the stage. My style is an umbrella of underground electronic music from breakbeat, future jungle, dubstep to techno, dub house, break house, drum´n´bass and much more. The genre comes depending new albums, my period of life and my experiences. Ever it aiming to groovy and alternative electronic music with emphasis in lyrics, messages, poetry, beats and bass!


After along pilgrimage, i´m back to the producion and to my live p.a. My last album called From Roots of Underground is done for download and appreciation. There are some tracks in english lyrics where it was a good experience for me. I also love to sing in brazilian portuguese. In fact, I love both because each language has its words game, and to dive into sentences, rhymes and statements to write lyrics is a pleasure for me! Although i think sing in english version is an excelent way to play my tracks around the world and spread the Transdutor´s brand worldwide, i can´t do it without hard work. So in the moment i´m improving my english ability in a specfic school and i´ll just travel abroad to do live p.a. after concludes my english classes. That´s what i have to do! :) 

Meanwhile i´ll be here playing my tracks in my country (Brazil) and i invite you to visit us and know our people, our food and drink, our beauty and nature and (yes!) our parties!!! :)